Monday, May 24, 2010

June Joshikai - Thursday, 6/10

June Joshikai: Thursday, 6/10 - Women's Networking Event

Theme: Dating Japanese Men

On Thursday, June 10th, we'll meet for an evening
of happy hour drinks, networking, and girl talk at Postrio, a stylish
downtown bar. Mingle, chat and share stories with other women in
English and / or Japanese. Any skill level of Japanese is welcome, and
this will be a great opportunity to practice your Japanese and connect
with women who have similar interests.

At this event, we'll have a special guest and a theme: dating Japanese
men! Women who have dated, are currently involved with, or are
interested in Japanese men - come share your horror and success
stories (of course, as usual, any woman who’d like to join is
welcome!). Our guest will be writer Wendy Tokunaga, who has written
about intercultural relationships in her novels "Midori by Moonlight"
and Love in Translation" (and who is also married to a Japanese man).
She'll be available to answer your questions individually - about
writing, the publishing industry, and her own experiences with
international marriage. You can learn more about Wendy at

We've reserved Postrio's Mezzanine lounge area, so we'll have a
comfortable place to relax. We'll post signs so you can find us
easily. Feel free to join us whenever is convenient, and bring

ありがとうございました!会合場所のPressClubもお洒落な雰囲気と各種 ワインが好評でした。ありがとうございました。

さて、次回の会合は女子会のホームグランドPostrioのMezzanine Loungeで行います。今回は特別ゲストとしてWendy
Tokunagaさんをお迎えして、国際恋愛シリーズ第2弾「日本人の男って、、、」と題して日本人男性との恋愛について考えてみた いと思います。Wendyさんは、国際恋愛、異文化コミュニケーション、アイデンティティーなどテーマに、「Midori
by Moonlight」 と 「Love in Translation」という小説を出版しています。ご自身も日本人男性と結婚してま す。

日本人男性はどうしてシャイなの?ストレートに物事を言わないし、何を考えてるかわからない。日本人男性にはロクなのがいない!と ほとんど愛想を尽かしている方も、是非ご参加ください。もしかしたら身近すぎて魅力に気がつかなかっただけなのかも、と思うかどうか はわかりませんが、みんなでいつものようにリラックスしながらおしゃべり、情報交換、ネットワークに花を咲かせましょう!

Date: 6/10, Thursday
Time: 6 pm - 9 pm
Location: Postrio, 545 Post Street (on Post between Mason and Taylor,
just 5 blocks from Powell BART), (415) 776-7825

No need to RSVP, but feel free to send any questions or comments to
Beth and Nobuko at

We’re also on Twitter (!

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