Sunday, November 28, 2010

The 2010 Bonenkai

There will be no regular Joshikai event on Thursday in December.
Instead, we are joining Waiwai! and Waiwai! Mama to have a Bonenkai
party on Saturday, 12/18!

Since this is a joint party, men are invited.

Space is limited - so please RSVP soon if you plan to join us.

(Information in English follows Japanese.)

「わいわい!」、「わいわい! ママ」、「サンフランシスコ女子会」2010合同忘年会

12 月18日(土) 午後5時~7時半
...海鮮広東料理 Yuet Lee
会費$25 (税サービスお茶込、アルコール別)


会場のYuet Leeは、ノースビーチとチャイナタウンの境目にある、小さいお店です。見た目は全く気取らない定食屋さんみたいな感じで、お値段もそういうレベルなのですが、味はそれより2段上。サンフランシスコ地元民としてはぜひ知っておきたい所です。今回のイベントは「地元民割引」「これからもよろしく割引」など色々配慮していただきました。宴会とは思えない価格設定で、お腹いっぱい食べられるようにお願いしてあります。お楽しみに。小さいお店なので、人数制限があります。お早めに申し込みください。




Announcing THE 2010 Bonenkai, sponsored by Waiwai!, Waiwai! Mama and
San Francisco Joshikai

Saturday, December 18th
5-7:30 p.m.
Yuet Lee Chinese Seafood Restaurant
$25 per person (tip and tax included, but not drinks)

2010 rocked for some of us, sucked for others but for all of us it's
over and that's reason enough to celebrate with that greatest of all
Japanese party traditions, a bonenkai party.

Yuet Lee is a small family-run seafood restaurant at the border of
Chinatown and North Beach. If you claim to be a San Francisco local,
it's a place you should know. Do not be fooled by their bare-bones
quick lunch look; the food is awesome, the location is great (can you
say "nijikai"? How about "sanjikai"?) and the staff and management
have extended themselves to provide PLENTY of great food for an
unbelievable price. The only drawback is... SPACE IS LIMITED, RESERVE

Yuet Lee 悦利海鮮酒家
1300 Stockton Street (@ Broadway)
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 982-6020

For those coming into the city by car, please be warned that a
Saturday evening in December doesn't allow for easy, free parking. But
there are several parking garages in the neighborhood so as long as
you are prepared to pay a few dollars, it should be OK. Here's a link
to a Google map showing the restaurant (green arrow) and parking


Please RSVP on Facebook and send e-mail to
(Joshikai), with "Bonenkai" in the subject line,
your name(s) and number of people in the body. We will send you a
confirmation later.

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