Monday, June 28, 2010

Next Joshikai: Thursday, 7/8!

July Joshikai: Thursday, 7/8 - Women's Networking Event and Sake Tasting Party

Joshikai is a networking group for Japanese women and women with a
connection to Japan. On Thursday, July 8th, we'll meet for an evening
of networking, girl talk, sake tasting, and delicious Japanese food at
Nombe, a popular new Japanese bar (izakaya) in the Mission. Mingle,
chat and share stories with other women in English and / or Japanese.
Any skill level of Japanese is welcome, and this will be a great
opportunity to practice your Japanese and connect with women who have
similar interests. Feel free to join us whenever is convenient, and
bring friends!

Nombe's owner / sake sommelier Gil Payne and executive chef Nick Balla
have created a special menu just for this event, featuring a
customized sake flight and a delicious menu (including dessert!);
their regular menu will also be available, with items starting at $3.

Nombe just opened in November 2009 and has already been selected by
the San Francisco Chronicle as one of the best 100 restaurants in the
Bay Area - if you haven't tried it, here's your chance!

Joshikai Exclusive Menu:

Sake flight:
-Gil's Kamikaze (Shikuwasa- an Okinawan citrus fruit, Umeshu, and club

-Kaguyahime Junmai Sake "Bamboo Princess" from Fushimi, Kyoto
/かぐや姫 純米酒 京都・伏見 山本本家 (

-Chikurin Ho Ho Shu: Sparkling Sake/発泡純米酒 泡々酒

-Organic Tomato and Homegrown Shiso Salad (with peppercress, arugula,
cucumber and extra virgin olive oil) 有機トマトと紫蘇のサラダ ($9)

-Seasonal Fish and Vegetable Plate 旬の魚と野菜 ($13)

-Ume and Coconut Sorbet with Ho Ho Shu Sparking Sake
梅とココナツのシャーベットと発泡純米酒のペアリング ($8)


日本酒のソムリエGilさんとイエメンシェフのNickさんが女子会オリジナルメ ニューを作ってくださいました。

日本酒以外の飲み物ももちろんありますよ。みんなでリラックスしながらおしゃべり、情報交換、ネットワークに花を咲かせましょう!女 性ならどなたでも大歓迎です。お友達も誘ってお越し下さい。

Date: July 8, Thursday
Time: 6 - 9 pm
Location: Nombe, 2491 Mission St. (Near 24th St. BART), S.F. (415)

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